Narcological clinic "Intercollar". Effective treatment of a narcotism and alcoholism.

More than 15 years experience in the field of narcology and pharmacotherapy

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клиника лечение алкоголизма Achievements in treatment of the Narcotism and the Alcoholism. Scientific activity

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Clinic treatment of a narcotism

Our history


Still Judea and Romans built on its coast mud and water clinics. Curative salty waters of estuary Kujalnik are known from the beginning of the first millenium B.C. Kujalnik one of the oldest mud resorts of the Europe (Ukraine). Sulfide silt Kujalnik therapeutic muds on the medical properties are recognized reference. They contain set of various mineral particles and organic substances.

Complex chemical processes and work of various bacteria have given silt muds invaluable medical properties. As if in huge laboratory, is more true in a underwater chemical-pharmaceutical factory continuously to be made this dirt at the bottom of estuary of thousand years. And on quality and medical properties it became some kind of the world standard.

Therefore also come on Kujalnik it is treated from the rich countries of the world the Frenchmen, Germans, Englishmen, Americans, etc.


Achievements in treatment of the Narcotism and the Alcoholism. Scientific activity



clinic treatment of an alcoholismAntihomotoxical preparations ("Narcod-Homaccord", "Alcod-Compositum", psychotropic, biogenic stimulators, etc.), are made of a biomass, special way extracted with depth more than 150 meters where many thousand years ago in crystal-pure water of estuary Kujalnik began to be formed the first adjournment. From a biomass the most curative substances, including possessing are taken by powerful psychotropic action which after additional clearing become a basis for preparations applied in Narcological clinic "Intercollar" processing its special way. Preparations applied in Narcological clinic, are capable to influence unprecedented hitherto on mentality of the patient. Cause feeling of shame for the behaviour, the responsibility, influence on a catfish. Features of preparations is that they cannot be on sale through a chemist's network or otherwise because of the flying components entering into preparations, being their basis and keeping the activity no more than day.

The biomass possesses embryogenesis nervous system. It allows to receive fine pharmacological properties at preparations made by us on its basis.

Preparations selectively influence the maximum departments of the central nervous system, presynapsis membranes, synapse coritical and subcortical areas. They possess a wide spectrum of psychotropic activity which includes strong tranquilizer, antidepressive, antiamnestic and antiaggressive effects, positively influence parameters of long-term memory and cognitive functions, activate the maximum integrating activity of a brain, restore the broken functions central nervous system. The natural origin of preparations is greater advantage before synthetic medicines. In fact it is known, what even synthetic vitamins are badly acquired and only harm to the person. Too most occurs and to synthetic psychotropic preparations which except for that block Krebs-Cycle that leads to complications. Them treat a narcotism and mentally sick in all narcological centers and psychiatric clinics, and treatment practically does not give any results.

Narcological clinic "Intercollar" offers all spectrum of medical services, on treatment, preventive maintenance and rehabilitation sick of any forms of a narcotism and an alcoholism and also mental diseases. We successfully apply all the most known in the world the efficiency methods of treatment including: "Detox", "Ultra Detox", "Implantation", "Coding", "Double-block" and many other things.

Narcological clinic "Intercollar" is an innovative center.

We the first have developed technique "Ultra Detox". In our clinic successfully treat any patients. From only started to use drugs or alcohol - up to the heavy patients who for a long time have already lost any hope for recover. Including, sick of the mixed forms. By means of our treatment, it is literally for some days are restored physical and mental state of health. At patients the desire to use drugs, or alcohol vanishes. Our patients, sometimes describe the condition after treatment so, as if they in general never accepted drugs or alcohol.

We help all!


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