Narcological clinic "Intercollar". Effective treatment of a narcotism and alcoholism.

More than 15 years experience in the field of narcology and pharmacotherapy

67 Uspenskaya Str., Odessa syti, Ukraine 65011. Phone +38 (048) 722-17-26, 722-17-20





клиника лечение алкоголизма Achievements in treatment of the Narcotism and the Alcoholism. Scientific activity

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Narcological clinic"Intercollar". Where we are. As with us to communicate and arrive to us


Narcological clinic "Intercollar", is in the central part of city Odessas (Ukraine). City located at coast of Black sea, and having the deserved reputation of the oldest and most significant resort and cultural center in Ukraine.

Reception of patients for hospitalization, is carried out on preliminary record. Inhabitants of the CIS countries, Germany and the USA can receive preliminary consultation by phone. To not pay for telephone conversations with us, please send us your contact phone. Our doctor-adviser will call to you to render you the most effective help will answer your questions and will offer the optimal in your situation the program of treatment. Address to us in any way comprehensible to you: phone, a fax, usual and e-mail and we shall give the information necessary foryou to arriveto us and to pass a rate treatment in our clinic. Unlike methods of treatmentNazarliev, Marshak, Dovzhenko, our clinic offers essentially new ways to treatment of a narcotism and an alcoholism.

If necessary, our employees will meet you on arrival in Odessa and will deliver in our clinic where you can receive highly skilled medical aid. If necessary we help with the decision of questions of residing of relatives. More than 15 years operational experience of our clinic will help you to recover health and pleasure of a life.

Sincerely yours. Collective of Narcological clinic "Intercollar"



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